Author: Bob Herrera-Lim

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THAILAND: Finance Minister’s resignation is another blow for Prayuth

Finance Minister Predee Daochai resigned after 26 days in office. He cited health reasons, but the dominant speculation in Bangkok is that he found the ministry’s politics to be unmanageable. As reported by the Bangkok Post, Predee had earlier disagreed with his deputy, Santi Prompat, a politician from the leading People’s State Power Party (PPRP), over a ministerial reshuffle, and this was likely one of his many internal battles.… Read the rest

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THAILAND: Expect more protests, and maybe politics entering uncharted territory

Protesters on Sunday held the largest anti-government gathering since the 2014 coup, with crowd estimates ranging from 10,000 – 15,000. The high turnout will likely encourage the movement, which now calls itself the Free People, to hold more demonstrations over the next few weeks to see how much momentum they can build, especially in terms of growing their numbers to a broader cross-section of Thai society.… Read the rest

Bob Herrera-Lim

Bob Herrera-Lim has advised firms not only with overall risk assessment at the regional and country level, but also developed and helped implement market entry, divestment and risk mitigation strategies.

Bob has been covering political and business risk in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos since 2002, previously with Eurasia Group.… Read the rest

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PHILIPPINES/INDONESIA: The two that stand apart

Of the large Southeast Asian economies, the Philippines and Indonesia continue to grapple with the highest absolute number of new daily coronavirus diagnoses, and the trend is still unclear as to whether either country has reached a plateau.… Read the rest