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EU: What “strategic autonomy” actually means

Heads of the EU institutions and Chinese President Xi Jinping convened for a high-level online meeting yesterday. The gathering replaced the initially envisaged EU-China summit, for which German Chancellor Angela Merkel had intended to bring all 27 member-state leaders, the Brussels institutions, and their Chinese guests together in the city of Leipzig.… Read the rest

Antonio Barroso

Antonio Barroso is a Managing Director with Teneo. He is responsible for coordinating the firm’s global political risk research platform and for the specific coverage of France, Portugal and Spain.

He has almost a decade of experience in advising investors and corporations on political risk in Europe.… Read the rest

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FRANCE: New government brings more of the same

The announcement of the members of the reshuffled government on 6 July did not produce any surprises on the economic front. Finance and Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire has retained his post, and the changes to some of the key portfolios such as home affairs, labor, and the environment suggest a substantial degree of continuity in the policies of President Emmanuel Macron’s administration.… Read the rest

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EU/CHINA: Gaining time

  • While this week’s consultations between EU institutions and the Chinese government ended without any communique, the outlook for the big EU-China summit in H2 is still uncertain.
  • Despite the EU’s ‘awakening’ to China’s increasing global role, Europe’s ability to develop a unified position remains constrained by member states’ diverging interests.
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EUROPE: The politics of new outbreaks

In this piece, we provide an overview of how selected European governments are dealing with new coronavirus outbreaks. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss any of the countries mentioned in more detail.Read the rest

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EUROPE: The differences between two waves

  • European governments will only resort to nationwide lockdowns as a last resort.
  • Countries will probably continue failing to coordinate their border policies.
  • The coming days are crunch time for crucial decisions, such as whether to extend furlough schemes.
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EUROPE: Alongside the virus, institutional capacity issues resurface

EUROPE: Alongside the virus, institutional capacity issues resurface 6

Medical capacities

The first and most immediate variant is the question of medical capacity. In a special briefing one day prior to the government’s statement, the UK’s chief scientific and medical officers had warned that 50,000 daily cases were possible within the coming weeks if the current increase in new infections could not be slowed down.… Read the rest