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Who are we

Who are we | Speevr

How we began

Speevr is a collaborative financial research network born from a data science project during 2015, in San Francisco, California.

As seasoned market investment professionals, Speevr founders deployed neural networks to prioritize and rank overwhelming volumes of market research and commentary received via various channels.

Market intelligence

What we do

Financial Research

Organize, curate, and summarize financial research and data

Expert & Analyst Network

Connecting independent analysts and industry experts from around the world to investors

Market & Political Polls

Private political event risk polling and investor market surveys

Leadership Team

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Alessio Farhadi


Alessio has worked in the Fintech industry since 2015. He has over a decade's experience serving as a Credit Portfolio Manager at a Global Macro Hedge Fund in London and New York. Alessio holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics from Imperial College London. His interests include Natural Language Processing (NLP), Climate Science, and Quantum Computing.

augusto ribeiro, speevr co-founder, speevr coo

Augusto Ribeiro


Augusto has over 10 years of experience in Brazilian markets. His career began at Banco Pactual, later serving in other roles at Banco Votorantim as an Equity Analyst and Commodities Trader. Prior to Speevr, Augusto was a Portfolio Manager at Berkana Patrimônio, a family office. Augusto holds a degree in Physics from Imperial College, London, and an MBA from Ibmec Business School, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has also completed a certificate in the Harvard Business Analytics Program, from Harvard University.

farhad farhadi, speevr co-founder, speevr cto

Farhad Farhadi


Farhad Farhadi is CTO and Co-founder of Speevr. He has several years experience working in various roles in technology and systems operations. Farhad holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of London. Prior to Speevr, Farhad worked on a wide portfolio of web development and Big Data projects.

Adam Lund


Adam's research involves applications of statistics in solving real world problems related to finance, climate, and social impact. Adam has held posts both in academia and industry, having previously worked as a quant in a global investment bank. He holds a PhD in Statistics from the University of Copenhagen, and a Masters from Columbia University.

Purpose, Values & Principles

How we work


We enable fast seamless access to premium market intelligence from reliable and trusted sources. Uncovering deeper insights and alternative perspectives empowers investors to make smarter timely decisions.


Everything we do must be met with good intentions and have a positive impact on people.
We operate with intellectual curiosity, honesty, and rigor.
Our work culture consists of passionate and dedicated individuals with mutual respect for one another.
We protect intellectual property and facilitate attribution.


Exceptional products and services are built by outstanding individuals from rich and diverse backgrounds working in groups.

Serving our members' interests is at the forefront of everything we do.

Once the true needs of the customer are understood we have a chance of successfully serving them.

We safeguard the intellectual property of our partners, ensure fair attribution, and aid monetization strategies.

Taken together, our Purpose, Values and Principles form the foundation of Speevr's unique culture and key to long term success. Our Purpose unifies us in common goals and bring shared visions of meaningful innovation to fruition. Our Values reflect the behaviors that shape the manner in which we work with each other and our partners. Lastly, our Principles guide and influence the work we do every day.