Author: Soyon Park

Soyon Park

Business Development Executive – Soyon has a background in research, data analysis, and has broad experience across quantitative research methods and data sets.

Prior to joining the Llewellyn team, Soyon was a Research Assistant at the University of Sussex and InterAnalysis where she focused on the economics of sports, international trade, and digital marketing.

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Cancer vaccines

What it is

Cancer vaccines enable people’s immune systems to target cancer cells, instead of an infectious agent, such as a virus or bacterium. They aim either to prevent cancer or to cure it.… Read the rest

Technologies series: DNA data storage

Vast volumes of data can be stored, condensed into DNA.

What it is

DNA data storage is the archiving and retrieving of data to and from synthetic strands of DNA. Data centres are considered by many, including the world’s top asset managers, as the ‘beating heart’ of global cities.… Read the rest

Technologies series – Electronic skin – March 2020

An electronic clone of biological skin that stands to enrich biological, virtual, and robotic life.

What it is

Electronic skin (E-skin) mimics the aesthetics and simulations of natural biological skin.1 Made of multiple layers of thin, soft, flexible materials 2 with embedded sensors, 3 it can be applied to people,4 animals, amputated limbs, and robots to provide a degree of feeling, whether as a ‘second skin’, or in replacement of an area of biological skin.… Read the rest