Author: Saul Eslake


Global Letter – Post-COVID-19: country prospects

Large country differences in performance are in prospect: and due largely to policy



Performance to date

Recovery from recession typically takes years – between 3 and 6 before output regains its prerecession level. 1 But history is probably an imperfect guide to the present case.… Read the rest


Focus – A longer term perspective on China’s economy

  • China has racked up extraordinary economic achievements over the past 40 years
  • In so doing it is returning to its historical position in the global ‘pecking order’
  • In the process China has become surprisingly unequal for a ‘socialist’ country
  • It is becoming more assertive, particularly in the ‘Indo-Pacific’ region
  • Though not an immediate threat, its financial system presents medium-term risks


Four decades of extraordinary economic progress

China has made extraordinary economic progress …

China’s economic achievements over the past four decades have been extraordinary.… Read the rest