Day: March 22, 2021



A summit of top US and Chinese diplomats produced modest progress. In Turkey, a cabinet reshuffle is expected. EUleaders will meet for a digital European Council. Another general election is taking place in Israel. Meanwhile, the pace of vaccinations is accelerating in China, Slovakia’s government crisis continues, Argentina’s finance minister will meet the IMF leadership, and in Tanzania, a new president has been sworn in.… Read the rest


Argentina: The Month at a Glance


• With an USD 1.9 trillion relief bill and full vaccination as early as June, the US is set for a stronger than expected recovery in 2021. International markets remain bullish, but inflation anxiety is on the rise even if actual inflation rates have not shown a sharp increase so far.… Read the rest


TURKEY: Policy continuity (for now)

The Turkish authorities are busy seeking to reassure investors after the unexpected change of leadership at the top of the Central Bank (TCMB). Yesterday (21 March), the newly appointed Governor Sahap Kavcioglu indicated that the fight against inflation remains a priority and, critically, that the meeting on the Monetary Policy Committee would be held as planned on 15 April, appearing to rule out any immediate cut to interest rates.… Read the rest



This week, Argentina’s slow-moving talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are unlikely to see any new momentum. Security and migration policy in Mexico will be under scrutiny. In Brazil, new emergency coronavirus assistance is coming as executive-congressional tensions resume.… Read the rest


ETHIOPIA: Bondholders might be collateral, not target, of restructuring bid

  • International pressure is building on Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration over the conflict and humanitarian situation in Tigray.
  • Yet Abiy will find it difficult to accommodate key demands, including the immediate withdrawal of Eritrean and Amhara regional forces from Tigray.
  • The conflict will have a broader spillover effect as it risks igniting a long-running border dispute with Sudan, and complicating negotiations around the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and the conduct of the 5 June elections.
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