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Argentina: Price Administration is the Name of the Game

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Minister Guzmán's orthodox turn in early December crashed with politics. Since Cristina Kirchner's speech in La Plata, many things have changed in the government's economic approach. Perhaps the most important is the arsenal of tools to fight inflation. Now everything seems to rest on a price management system. Utilities, health insurance, telecommunications and export bans are some of the recent examples. Our vision is that these types of policies do not work in the long run and often not even in the short term. But there is possibly a window in which the government achieves lower levels of
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Argentina: Diluted stabilization plan

( 4 mins read ) Last Friday Alberto Fernández, Cristina Kirchner, Sergio Massa, Axel Kicillof, Máximo Kirchner, among other leaders of the governing coalition, gathered in La Plata to rename a football stadium after Diego Maradona. In terms of Argentine

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Argentina: Deficit and inflation in 2021

( 4 mins read ) The monthly survey of market expectations carried out by the Central Bank among 42 economic teams revealed that the median of the responses is 50% inflation for next year. If the most optimistic and pessimistic

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Argentina: Agreement Still Far Away, Busy Summer

( 4 mins read ) The International Monetary Fund mission left Argentina last weekend. The official statement published on Friday by the Washington-based organization suggests that an agreement between the two parties is still distant. In its very particular language,

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ARGENTINA: A Peculiar Orthodox Approach

( 4 mins read ) The Government panicked when the dollar peaked at ARS 195, and it took a small but noticeable turn toward orthodoxy in the last 3 weeks, as we have reported in previous editions. From a quality

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Argentina: An Opportunity for a Consistent Plan

( 17 mins read ) Editorial: An Opportunity for a Consistent Plan The IMF mission that will begin negotiations for a program with Argentina is arriving today. This is the next milestone in the economic agenda. The Government was not

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ARGENTINA: The Week at a Glance

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Argentina: Too Little, Too Late

( 15 mins read ) Press play to listen Editorial The Central Bank has changed the game. For the first time in a long time, it decided to devalue faster and timidly change the interest rate structure. It left the

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#france invokes its new #fdi screening mechanism to prevent a Canadian company from acquiring grocery retail giant #Carrefour, claiming #covid had demonstrated how this deal would hinder #natsec 🤔

Según una encuesta de @Poliarquia_ y @PxP_LAC el 89% de los argentinos está a favor de que se frene la deforestación 🪵🔥🌳
@gabrielpodesta @natilouz

Brexit reality is sinking in. Really great article by ⁦@tconnellyRTE⁩ 👇🏼

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