Technologies Series

Life extension

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Life extension aims to extend dramatically humans’ healthy lifespan; but current approaches lack evidence.
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3D Printing

( < 1 min read ) Complex supply chains, traditional manufacturing, and product designs all stand to be transformed   Register for FREE or log in to read the rest of this report. Members loginUsername or E-mail* Password* Only fill in

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Hydrogen (H 2 )

( 4 mins read ) A potentially vital part of the low carbon economy, decarbonising the hard-to tame-sectors. What it is Hydrogen (H 2 ) has three principal functions: a fuel; a chemical feedstock; and an energy carrier. It thereby

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Comment – Default Options

( 11 mins read ) The world’s poorer nations are confronted by sharp recessions that threaten to endure. Poverty and inequality are rising rapidly, reversing earlier global income convergence. Public finances are coming under growing duress, and debt distress is

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Next-generation nuclear

( 4 mins read ) Safer, smaller, more efficient, the next generation of nuclear power is on the horizon – but not much closer. What it is Next-generation nuclear aims to address the various safety, sustainability, efficiency, and cost issues

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Cancer vaccines

( 3 mins read ) What it is Cancer vaccines enable people’s immune systems to target cancer cells, instead of an infectious agent, such as a virus or bacterium. They aim either to prevent cancer or to cure it. 1

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Technologies series: DNA data storage

( 4 mins read ) Press play to listen Vast volumes of data can be stored, condensed into DNA. What it is DNA data storage is the archiving and retrieving of data to and from synthetic strands of DNA. Data

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Technologies series – Electronic skin – March 2020

( 11 mins read ) Press play to listen An electronic clone of biological skin that stands to enrich biological, virtual, and robotic life. What it is Electronic skin (E-skin) mimics the aesthetics and simulations of natural biological skin.1 Made

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Global Letter – Climate change: let the numbers speak

( 11 mins read ) Press play to listen   Below1 are the key numbers2 relating to climate change, and some fundamental implications Definitions and facts Main greenhouse gases (GHGs): carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide (N2O).3 Global

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¿El Banco Central tiene margen para evitar un salto del dólar?: el veredicto del economista Andrés Borenstein

EU lays out plan to block US weaponization of interdependence. Devil will be in the details. Most important, will European capitals be willing to face the commercial risk to their firms of large scale resistance. And can EU build the institutions to do so.

#france invokes its new #fdi screening mechanism to prevent a Canadian company from acquiring grocery retail giant #Carrefour, claiming #covid had demonstrated how this deal would hinder #natsec 🤔

Según una encuesta de @Poliarquia_ y @PxP_LAC el 89% de los argentinos está a favor de que se frene la deforestación 🪵🔥🌳
@gabrielpodesta @natilouz

Brexit reality is sinking in. Really great article by ⁦@tconnellyRTE⁩ 👇🏼

This is the source of funding that FBI is charging my MIT colleague, Gang Chen, of going to length to hide. I found the place where he hid it—a place called internet.

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