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CHILE: Political implications of pension withdrawal initiative

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The government has suffered a heavy defeat by failing to block an opposition-led initiative that would allow people to dip into their retirement savings. While immediate-term governability can be restored by a likely cabinet reshuffle, President Sebastian Pinera is left permanently weakened, while the governing coalition is increasingly divided. The episode is an early warning indicator that populism has germinated out of Chile’s unique double-hit crisis; the upcoming constitutional debate will determine whether populism takes root. The Senate yesterday, 22 July, voted overwhelmin
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( 5 mins read ) Press play to listen This week, the challenge facing Peru’s new caretaker president is to build congressional support for his new cabinet, though the signs that he can appear positive. Two crucial spending rules in Brazil could come

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MEXICO: Notes on a scandal

( 3 mins read ) A US federal judge earlier today, 18 November, ceded to a Department of Justice (DoJ) request to drop drug trafficking and money laundering charges against former defense minister Salvador Cienfuegos (2012-2018), who was arrested in

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( 5 mins read ) This week, Peru’s Congress should vote in a new president after the collapse of the Manuel Merino administration after only five days. In Argentina, President Alberto Fernandez has seemingly been blindsided by his VP as Cristina Fernandez

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PERU: Merino off balance already

( 3 mins read ) Since he was sworn in as president on 10 November, Manuel Merino has appointed a cabinet chief (PCM) and a new cabinet. At the same time, protests against Merino’s elevation following Martin Vizcarra’s ouster have grown in

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PERU: Unstable horizon as Vizcarra ousted

( 3 mins read ) Congress voted by an overwhelming margin yesterday, 9 November, to impeach President Martin Vizcarra. There were 105 votes for impeachment, 19 against, and four abstentions. Vizcarra has already said that he will not challenge the

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Latam Pulse

( 5 mins read ) The week kicks off with Peru’s President Martin Vizcarra facing an impeachment vote. Meanwhile, Brazil’s municipal elections are looming as tax wrangles continue in Congress. Argentina prepares for an International Monetary Fund (IMF) visit and

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CHILE: Governing from weakness

( 3 mins read ) President Sebastian Pinera’s administration increasingly resembles a damage limitation exercise. This week, Pinera lost an Interior Minister, Victor Perez, who had only been in the job for 98 days. In parallel, a bill that would

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PERU: Bracing for another impeachment bout

( 5 mins read ) President Martin Vizcarra should survive next week’s impeachment vote, though congressional fragmentation injects uncertainty into the outlook. Even if Vizcarra sees off this threat, the hostile politics behind his impeachment will persist. Vizcarra’s impeachment would

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Latam Pulse

( 5 mins read ) This week, Chile is set to embark on a lengthy constitutional re-write process following yesterday’s referendum to scrap its dictatorship-era constitution. In Peru, President Martin Vizcarra faces a second impeachment challenge in two months. Government

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MEXICO: How would AMLO approach a Biden administration?

( 5 mins read ) President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) has navigated challenges laid down by his US counterpart Donald Trump relatively successfully; adapting to a possible Joe Biden administration would not be too difficult. Bilateral relations would likely

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🔷En términos interanuales, la caída se moderó hasta 6.9% (11.8% en ago)

🔶La contracción acumulada hasta septiembre fue de 11.9%


Busqueda laboral #Jewitter

Desde Judaica Norte estamos buscando un coordinador de Juventud para Marzo 2021:

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Si conocen alguien que me escriba por MD.

Para el turno mañana, ya esta disponible el episodio #30 de la Economía en 3 minutos. Esta semana "Los impuestos más locos del mundo". La creatividad argentina para crear impuestos está intacta. Ya casi es adicción.



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