Financial repression: a more subtle knife

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High public sector debt levels are set to remain at the core of the economic policy debate. Periods of elevated and rapidly rising debt are rarely reversed without some form of default. This need not be explicit. It can be more subtle and covert. It can take the form of inflation, regulation, and the creation of ‘captive markets’ for bonds. The stage is set for an extended period of financial repression. Fiscal incontinence The latest IMF Fiscal Monitor tentatively estimates that the average gross public sector debt ratio for the advanced economies as a group will increase thi
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Global Letter: Groundhog day in Turkey

( 4 mins read ) Turkey has once again succumbed to some of its all too familiar failings. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose We at Llewellyn Consulting have long argued that some economies behave as if they

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Comment: The importance of inflation expectations

( 9 mins read ) Inflation has been under control for several decades and is historically low. But opinion is now divided: some fear enduring ‘lowflation’; others price instability. Much will depend on the future dynamics of inflation expectations. For

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Comment – Default Options

( 11 mins read ) The world’s poorer nations are confronted by sharp recessions that threaten to endure. Poverty and inequality are rising rapidly, reversing earlier global income convergence. Public finances are coming under growing duress, and debt distress is

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Global Letter – Cold realities

( 4 mins read ) Press play to listen Broader ramifications of COVID are set to come into sharper relief, not least in the UK. Tough economic times coming Commentary in today’s 24/7 news world tends to be intrinsically incremental.

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Aggregate demand policy in a time of COVID

( 21 mins read ) Press play to listen Large increases in government expenditure generally necessitate restraint elsewhere However at present significant resources are lying idle: no such sacrifice is needed Hence increases in government exenditure currently need not be

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Focus – Abenomics is found wanting

( 14 mins read ) Press play to listen The record of Abenomics is at best mixed, and at worst a chronicle of failure. Overall growth potential is minimal, lowflation embedded, and vulnerability to shocks high. Orthodox macro policy is

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Economics Risks

( 6 mins read ) Viral resurgences further set back incipient recoveriesBalance sheet distress intensifies, not least in the EMsFiscal policy support is withdrawn too soonReal activity takes several years to return to recent highsNear-zero inflation becomes embedded in the

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Comment: Britain and the tyranny of nostalgia

( 11 mins read ) Press play to listen Britain has now been in relative economic decline for the better part of 150 years.Many of the reasons for this were first identified as long ago as the Victorian era.Pyrrhic victories

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Episodio 31 de La Economía en 3 minutos. Esta semana "La vida en Brecha". El balance cambiario muestra que es imperativo corregir para reducir la brecha cambiaria y no seguir perdiendo reservas. La Economía cae menos del 11%. La música es para el 10.

#Opinión | Fundó una religión laica e imaginaria, que sintetiza el paso milimétrico y la pasión incontrolable. Por Eduardo Fidanza

[DEPORTE] Lionel Messi se lamentó por haber hecho un solo gol. “Abajo de la Newells, tenía la camiseta de Darth Vader. Queda para la próxima”.

You can be appalled by China's tariffs on Australian wine, or you can believe Biden should keep Trump's trade war tariffs against China in place, but you can't believe both things. Either unilateral tariffs are a legitimate diplomatic weapon or they're not.

Global #FoodCommodityPrices: Research has shown that the elasticity of agricultural commodities prices with respect the U.S. dollar is close to unity. Nearly half of the #FoodPriceIndex uptick since May 2020 may be due to U.S. dollar movements.

En esta nota resumo todo lo que hemos vivido desde que nos organizamos para pedir la vuelta a clases presenciales con @PadresOrg. La despedida a Maradona es el disparador para exponer los argumentos equivocados que siguen defendiendo escuelas cerradas.

After serving four years for “picking quarrels” over a protest tracking project, a Chinese man is tracked at every move and run out of town, having been warned for using a VPN and had his devices taken and returned.

In his first interview Arm China chief said there was no conflict of interest personally investing in Arm's chip clients.

Backers of his $100m personal investment fund at heart of conflict include Temasek unit which put up half of the money

FT Technology News@fttechnews

Arm China chief defends move to seize control of unit

Morrison did not "mess up" relations with China. It was a deliberate strategy to put Australia on the frontlines ("canary in the coalmine"), show Australia's relevance to US interests, and trial methods to undermine the PRC's global standing that could be exported elsewhere.

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