UKRAINE: Adoption of banking bill crucial for cooperation with IMF

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On Wednesday, 13 May, parliament is expected to adopt a bill significantly limiting the chances of former owners of nationalized banks from recovering their assets. The adoption of the law would be welcomed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), likely leading to an approval of a new support package for Ukraine in the near term. However, concerns about the commitment and capacity of President Volodymyr Zelensky’s administration to advance structural reforms and tackle corruption are rising. On 7 May, the IMF revealed that it was negotiating a new 18-month Stand-By Agreement with Ukrain
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I'm not sure why people are surprised by Suga's polls given that Abe's numbers held up for years even as he not only was accused of influence peddling -- but with consistently more than 70% of poll respondents saying they didn't believe his explanations for the accusations.

Nikai expresses his hopes that a "long winter" with China has passed and that Xi's visit could proceed in a "calm atmosphere."

Keep an eye on Nikai.

Hoy es un gran día para recordar que los judíos de Europa oriental entendían que la palabra hebrea para vid (GueFeN) escondía 3 bendiciones en yiddish:

G uezunte (salud)
P arnuse (sustento)¹
N ajes (alegrías)

Que así sea! 😊
Shana tova! 🍷

¹ En hebreo, F y P son la misma letra

Pucha con 5 muertes diarias el Presidente hablaba al país y con 300 no. ¿Kirchneristas escondiéndose cuando hay muertes influidas por la política pública de dónde me suena?

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