LATAM: No smooth or straightforward lockdown exits

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● How and when to exit lockdowns remains a significant challenge for governments across the region. ● Economic need may precipitate lockdown loosening before transmission rates are sufficiently low. Conversely, excessive gradualism will have deeply negative economic consequences. ● While exact lockdown conditions vary by country, these broad dynamics are manifesting across several countries in the region. Hammer vs. Dance Many governments have delegated responsibility for the pace of loosening to local authorities. However, local authorities tend to be primarily concerned w
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El nuevo súper cepo es una ¿solución? de muy corto plazo. Con este nivel de restricciones va a costar que la economía arranque cuando pase la crisis.
En lo inmediato: más brecha y las reservas siguieron cayendo. @mjaimovich

The volume of data that the world produces is doubling approximately every two years, rapidly outpacing the storage capabilities of current technologies.
Fast-maturing DNA data storage stands to solve these issues, and more.
Read further: [email protected]

I haven’t seen the US government (or anyone) allege that TikTok is contributing to China’s military-civil fusion program. So I wonder what sort of basis there is for this novel claim.

Whether there is an early election in the next month or two seems like a good test of the LDP'S strength relative to Suga.

El militante alertando sobre las dificultades emocionales, riesgos y las penas que genera emigrar se parece a esa agencia de viajes de la película Truman Show, que tenía imágenes de naufragios y accidentes aéreos para que Truman no quiera irse.

4X Global Research's flagship Fixed Income Research & Macro Strategy (FIRMS) report is now available on RSRCXHchange, the research aggregator and marketplace platform, at

[email protected] writes on the "Suga group," a motley collection of upwards of 40 LDP members with fewer than 4 electoral victories, who don't belong to a faction, and aren't hereditary politicians.

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