SPAIN: Fractious politics coming out of quarantine

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The Congress of Deputies (lower chamber) will vote on the fourth extension of the state of emergency – which allows the central government to effectively coordinate its lockdown exit – tomorrow, 6 May. Unlike in the three previous occasions, the opposition People’s Party (PP) has signaled it would not support it, while the secessionist Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) will vote against it. The government of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez will still likely be able to get the extension passed (80% probability). However, the increasing parliamentary fragility of the Socialist Workers’ Par
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Missed it? Watch @AsiaSocietyJP Chair @jameskondo and Tobias Harris @observingjapan discuss the end of an era for Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and what's next.

Shuichi Takatori, a 59-year-old LDP lawmaker, had attended the Lower House plenary session where Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga was elected.

A las 13 poné @amconvos1420, que arranca un nuevo capítulo de #Reverso, el otro lado de la Política, con Jorge Liotti y @dcayon. Hoy: #SuperCepo, la pelea Nación-Ciudad, entrevistas a @alfredocornejo y @kiguel y un par de sorpresas.

El nuevo súper cepo es una ¿solución? de muy corto plazo. Con este nivel de restricciones va a costar que la economía arranque cuando pase la crisis.
En lo inmediato: más brecha y las reservas siguieron cayendo. @mjaimovich

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