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Israel-Hamas | From Al-Shifa to AI doomers

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“I never said that 'Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.' It is fake news. Instead, one could say that 'The perception of reality not being real is an illusion, albeit a persistent one.' Reality is as real as it gets in this life time. Go out in nature and you will find that reality is the ultimate manifestation of Love. Reality is you and all of nature's kind. It is very real. It is true Love. Because all of nature is a manifestation of Love. And that includes You.”

Did Einstein really use expression "fake news"? Do you ever wonder what would happened to him had he stayed behind in Europe during the 1940s? It's highly unlikely that he and Ben Gvir would see eye-to-eye on current affairs.

Also, why do some Wall Street bankers get so annoy...


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Israel-Hamas | From Al-Shifa to AI doomers

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