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Israel-Hamas | Why IDF is fixated on Al-Shifa hospital

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IDF soldiers are going around the Al-Shifa hospital and streaming videos of themselves demonstrating that they can read the terrorists' hostage duty roster in Arabic from left to right. Whilst they search around the building find the secret passage to Hamas HQ beneath the hospital, here are a couple of old article we found in the web archives which may shed some light into the IDF's fixation on the venue:

Sources: Hamas Leaders Hiding in Basement of Israel-built Hospital in Gaza

The reason why they would think that is explained in the next article from 2014:

Top Secret Hamas Command Bunker in Gaza Revealed

We can't confirm the veracity of these reports. But, they may shed light into the history of the hospital prior to October 7th. If true, it also begs the question: Why would Israel build a secure underground operating room beneath the hospital with a tunnel network back in the 80s? It's not clear if the term ‘operating room' is in the context of an operating theatre or military operations. More likely the former. Otherwise, Israel will have compromised the sanitary of the hospital under international laws while occupying Gaza.

There's probably still a lot we don't know which may come out. A second intelligence failure so soon after the most recent would not look good.

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Israel-Hamas | Why IDF is fixated on Al-Shifa hospital

Haaretz 2009 article might hold some clues