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Israel-Hamas | Hizbollah | Brief update

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Genetics are remarkable. I had to dash off to a parents and teachers workshop event this evening. Out of old habits, I took a seat at the back of the classroom on my own. Moments later, I was accompanied by a couple of other disruptive pupils' parents. All sat together at the back of the classroom in our own little group trying to be on our best behavior. We won't perpetuate harmful positive stereotypes by saying who sat at the front of the room.

A quick comment on Israel-Hamas after going through the various feeds and OSINT analysis:

– Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah in Lebanon, is expected to give his first speech tomorrow (Friday) since the outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas. Unfortunately, we don't have any expert insights on Nasrallah and his way of thinking to share with you.

– Over the past couple of days, the weapons used by Hezbollah against the IDF have grown both in terms of sophistication and intensity.

– There have been a couple of press reports that the Wagner Group has supplied Hezbollah with air defense weapons. The OSINT analysts believe the types of air defense systems mentioned in the reports are no match for Israeli forces. Although the WSJ, with a highly dubious record so far in this conflict, was first to report the story, we believe there is some credence to it.

These militia groups really need to work on their logo designs and branding, sometimes less is more…

Israel-Hamas | Hizbollah | Brief update | Speevr
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Israel-Hamas | Hizbollah | Brief update

Nasrallah breaks his silence tomorrow for the first time since war broke out between Israel and Hamas