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RAND | Israel | Former Netanyahu NSA & Director of Mossad

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“The dirtiest actions should be carried out by the most honest men”

US equities are up a lot since Friday and Treasury yields are lower. The markets have spoken.

Here is a highly informative podcast conversation featuring Benjamin Netanyahu‘s former National Security Advisor and Director of Mossad. This conversation was recorded prior to the events of this weekend.

“Former Israeli National Security Advisor” – with Uzi Arad

Spycast (82 mins)

The initial 30 minutes provide valuable background information on the establishment of Israel's National Security Council following the intelligence failures leading up to the Yom Kippur War of 1973. This portion may be more suitable for individuals deeply interested in intelligence and policy matters, yet it is essential for grasping the historical context. Subsequently, Arad delves into his personal involvement in the Iran-Contra affair and the unofficial backchannels established with adversaries. He portrays Netanyahu as a rogue operator who is not a significant consumer of intelligence products, describing him as “not a details person”. The former point of contention eventually led to Arad severing ties with Netanyahu over a decade ago after completing his term.

At around (42:50), Arad alludes to present day tensions between Israeli intelligence services and political leaders who criticize the defense establishment, labeling them as ‘leftists' and ‘anarchists' for speaking out against their policies. It wouldn't be surprising if it turns out that previous warnings were ignored.

Unfortunately, it's quite difficult to reach these experts during a crisis without an established rapport. But, we can try if there's interest amongst our members.

Lastly, the RAND Corporation recently published a pertinent brief that may be of interest:

Lessons from Israel's Wars in Gaza

By Raphael S. Cohen, David E. Johnson, David E. Thaler, Brenna Allen, Elizabeth M. Bartels, James Cahill, and Shira Efron.

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RAND | Israel | Former Netanyahu NSA & Director of Mossad

Former Israeli intelligence chief & Netanyahu’s top advisor on spy craft and present day tensions political masters