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Alan Brazil | AI Generated FOMC Statement

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Here's the official FOMC statement for comparison. We'll let you decide how long before 90% of Fed watchers and US Treasury cash-futures arbitrageurs are replaced with AI bots.

I tuned into Bloomberg TV (always a big mistake) after Powell‘s press conference just in time for Torsten Slok, chief economist of Apollo (a private equity firm) to appear concerned about rising high yield default rates, and potential implications for the US jobs market. He might be projecting there.

This week learned that when smart sensible people, whether in government or academia, analyzing the same data reach similar board conclusions.

It required -1% of risk aversion in US equities for the Treasury 10-year yields not to sell-off further today. We just need another -1% day tomorrow to stand still again.

Finally, congrats to Alan Brazil for another successful trade recommendation made about a year ago to fade the year-end 2023 Fed rate cuts (then) priced in by markets using listed options on futures contracts.

Alan Brazil | AI Generated FOMC Statement | Speevr
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Alan Brazil | AI Generated FOMC Statement

How did our AI generated FOMC statement compare? US bond yields running fast to stand still