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Maguire vs. Wilson

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There are two unfortunate individuals we regularly troll:

1) Harry Maguire who plays for Manchester United and the England national (men's) soccer team.

2) Mike Wilson, currently serving as the chief investment officer of the paper trading portfolio at Morgan Stanley.

Scotland played England at home today in an international friendly match, and Maguire managed to get himself on the score sheet for the wrong team…

Maguire vs. Wilson | Speevr

You can't make this stuff up! West Ham must be thanking their lucky stars that their £30m summer bid for Maguire close.

We just need Wilson to reiterate his bearish call, only for US equities to fly higher, to complete the double.

At least Maguire plays for real at a professional level.

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Maguire vs. Wilson

Who can erode the most value?