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TRIAL OFFER | 100 days of Omakase-style research for $100

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Dear Friends/Colleagues,

Speevr Intelligence is moving behind the paywall

A while ago, we announced that Speevr Intelligence updates would soon be integrated into a new research product we are launching. This means that the full content of our updates will no longer be freely available to all subscribers by the end of this week.

A new research product better than OnePass

Several people have inquired about our OnePass research bundle. Unfortunately, we have decommissioned OnePass and will replace it with an alternative product that is better suited to investors' needs. And most crucially, at a much more affordable price.

‘Omakase-style' research

Our new research offering will be ‘Omakase' style—Japanese for “trust us”—where we curate a selection of market-relevant research products and data from our partners, in addition to our regular Speevr Intelligence updates and exclusive guest contributions. The new research bundle will showcase regular publications by our partners and enable greater flexibility to acquire content/data according to our members' demands. You will have a direct say in which research vendors to include in our new bundle.

Our approach

By now, our regular Speevr Intelligence followers should have a flavor for the areas of our focus, the themes, and trends we believe will shape financial markets in years to come: politics, macroeconomics, artificial intelligence, climate change, central bank digital currencies, and a bit of quantum computing now and then. As much as possible, we try to avoid duplicating sell-side research but instead seek ways to complement it.

Our preference is working with specialists and local EM analysts.

Making the best market intelligence more affordable

We strongly believe that top content creators should be fairly remunerated for their intellectual property while at the same time enabling affordable access to a broader group of market participants beyond the world's finance elite.

Helping more investors make better decisions

At Speevr, our mission has always rested on providing the best information by world-leading experts on topics driving financial markets—both from within the mainstream, as well as open-source analysis intelligence (OSINT). In doing so, we help investors make better-informed decisions.

In summary: We organize, curate, and summarize financial research.

More than just access to affordable content and data

Over the next couple of months, we will be releasing a series of (online) tools for our members that will significantly enhance research engagement, boosting efficiency, (algorithmically) curating sources, and engaging with text and audio content in new innovative ways. Over the years, we have developed and experimented with numerous automation technologies, some of which may already be put into the hands of broader users.

In due course, we intend on bringing our members more than just content and data, by also enabling them to organize other sources of market intelligence on Speevr.

Policymakers and academics will receive a seperate email with instruction on how to get complimentary access to Speevr. Please feel free to reach out if you have not heard from us.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Alessio Farhadi

Speevr CEO/co-founder

Speevr Trial Offer

100 days of Omakase-style research
For $100
First 100 applicants

  • This offer is available only to individual users and private investors. Institutional investors may apply, but will be subject to alternative terms and pricing. US clients wishing to charge costs to clients may do so under our existing Commission Share Agreement (CSA) with Goldman Sachs.
  • Included in the 100-day trial: Speevr Intelligence updates, roughly 5 updates a week written either by myself or Craig. Limited access to 3rd-party research and analysis on Speevr. Fortnightly investor surveys with access to full results and analysis.
  • Please note that our private political polls are NOT included during the trial offer.
  • Gradual roll-out of Speevr AI and automation tools with limited functionality to boost productivity and efficiency.

The offer is limited to the first 100 subscribers by applying the coupon code 100JUL100 to a regular monthly or annual membership plan.

How to reserve a trial

Simply visit https://speevr.com/membership and select either a regular monthly plan or an annual membership option, then apply the coupon code 100JUL100 before completing payment. (Please do not forget to apply the coupon code since the trial offer is not available online.)

Monthly subscriptions will have the option to upgrade to an annual plan at the end of the trial period. Memberships can be canceled at any time during the trial period before renewal.

Please note, the coupon expires when the 100 registrations limit is reached, or August 4th, 2023.

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TRIAL OFFER | 100 days of Omakase-style research for $100

Try our Omakase style research. Register with coupon code 100JUL100. Valid till August 4th, 2023.