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P1- Quantum Computing | A brief history and background

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“Most of the natural sciences try to represent the results of their investigations as though these had come into existence without man’s intervention, in such a way that the collaboration of the psyche – an indispensable factor – remains invisible. An exception to this is modern physics, which recognizes that the observed is not independent of the observer. So in this respect, too, science conveys a picture of the world from which a real human psyche appears to be excluded – the very antithesis of the “humanities”.”

With everyone jumping on the AI bandwagon, we figured an appropriate and mature response would be to go one up on the competition by writing about quantum computing. And why not with the summer market grind in full swing. Let's go off piste a bit.

Forget Schrödinger's Cat exp...


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P1- Quantum Computing | A brief history and background

Why is a quantum computer superior to a classical one? The first part in our non-technical series introducing to quantum computing.