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EMERGING MARKETS: Covid-19 Vaccination Strategies and Challenges

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Our Covid-19 vaccination table includes updated information on the immunization strategies selected EMs are pursuing and the challenges they face.

Below are some of the latest developments. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss any of the countries mentioned in more detail.


Vaccine rollout

  • In Argentina, authorities successfully ramped up the application of second vaccine doses over August, fulfilling a pledge to administer 7mn jabs. However, the focus on second jabs resulted in a slower rollout of first jabs; during August, the daily average of first jabs administered was only 90,000.
  • In Brazil, the federal government announced a third dose for seniors over 70 and immunosuppressed people in September. The health minister affirmed that booster shots should preferably be made with the Pfizer vaccine, but AstraZeneca (AZ) and Janssen (J&J) could also be used.
  • A survey measuring public confidence in the various vaccines being administered in Chile shows the public trusts the Pfizer vaccine the most, though confidence in Chinese-made Sinovac's vaccine has risen steadily as the Covid-19 caseload and positivity rates decline; Pfizer and Sinovac account for over 90% of doses administered in Chile.
  • The Czech Republic will start registration for third vaccine doses on 20 September. The booster shots are recommended for the elderly but will be available to anyone who has been vaccinated eight months ago or earlier.
  • In Greece, the goal of vaccinating 70% of adults by the end of summer is in doubt. However, after a big dip during summer, daily vaccination numbers are picking up slightly. Among the over-60s, the vaccination uptake ranges between 72 and 85%, a lower figure than in other western European countries.
  • Indonesia's health minister disclosed that 450,000 healthcare workers – about one-third of the national total – have received Moderna as a booster shot. They had initially received the Sinovac vaccine.
  • Nigeria has resumed its vaccination program, following major deliveries of AZ and Moderna vaccines donated by the UK and US, respectively, and the first delivery of the J &J vaccine procured via the African Union's African Vaccine Acquisition Task Team (AVATT).
  • Health authorities in Peru want to “fill gaps” in vaccine coverage; the health ministry says 900,000 people over 60 are not yet fully vaccinated even though vaccine hesitancy has dropped from 40% in late-2020 to 11% now.
  • In Russia, the number of administered first doses dropped to around 160,000 per day, comparable to pre-mandatory vaccination levels in spring and early summer; a renewed push for compulsory vaccination may come after the State Duma election in September.
  • South Africa‘s vaccine rollout has been opened to all adults earlier than planned, with registration for the 18-34 age cohort opening on 20 August. Around 240,000 shorts are now being administered per day; the official target has been raised to 300,000.
  • On 17 Aug, Turkey announced plans to provide a second Pfizer-BioNTech dose to those who had received two doses of Sinovac. 8.79mn (10.05% of the population) have already received three doses.

Vaccine procurement

  • Africa expects to receive 117mn vaccine doses in the coming months, but an additional 34mn will be needed to reach even a modest 10% vaccination target.
  • In August, the African Union (AU) announced the start of monthly shipments of vaccines acquired by the African Union's African Vaccine Acquisition Task Team (AVAT) to member states. AVAT has ordered 220mn J&J single-shot vaccines.
  • Chinese health authorities have not yet approved the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for emergency use on the mainland, freeing up Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical – which has an exclusive contract to distribute Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines in Greater China – to deliver 1mn doses to Taiwan in early September, about a month earlier than planned.
  • Nigeria‘s drug regulatory agency has certified the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine safe for use. The decision paves the way for the use of a yet-to-be-determined delivery of 7.7mn Sinopharm vaccines via the COVAX program.
  • Peru expects 12.9mn vaccine doses to arrive over September, with Sinopharm and Pfizer doses making up the bulk of deliveries.

Infections and new variants

  • According to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the Delta variant accounts for 94% of coronavirus cases in Mexico ; despite the variant's rapid spread since it was first identified in Mexico in May, health authorities are saying Mexico's “third wave” is now waning. However, this week's return to in-person schooling could change the situation.
  • Authorities in Poland and Hungary are concerned that the recent rise in Covid-19 cases marks the start of the fourth wave of the pandemic. Nonetheless, the new academic year is starting with full-time in-person education, and there are few restrictions in place.

Vaccine diplomacy

  • Colombia plans to ask the US for a “loan” of Moderna vaccines to make up for a shortfall in deliveries, while it should also receive almost 1mn AZ doses from Spain via the Covax initiative imminently; looking to the medium-term, the government last week also signed an agreement with South Korean pharmaceutical companies to facilitate local vaccine production.
  • Indonesian regulators have authorized the use of Sputnik V, but since it is not part of the government's national vaccination program, the administration of the vaccine is being authorized for the private sector.
  • Slovakia will stop the administration of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine in September due to low demand.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for a moratorium on booster shots until the end of September to ensure that at least 10% of people in all countries are vaccinated before boosters are provided.
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EMERGING MARKETS: Covid-19 Vaccination Strategies and Challenges

Our Covid-19 vaccination table includes updated information on the immunization strategies selected EMs are pursuing and the challenges they face. Below are some of