ITALY: Simmering tensions come to boil

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A cabinet meeting widely seen as setting the stage for a showdown in Italy’s simmering government crisis will be held today (12 January) at 9.30pm local time. The meeting has been called by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte for the cabinet to approve an economic recovery plan (PNRR) that envisages spending of around EUR 223bn in loans and grants that Italy expects to receive from the EU to help its recovery from the pandemic. Former premier Matteo Renzi, leader of the centrist Italia Viva (IV) party – a junior partner in the ruling coalition – is expected to pull two ministers out of the gov
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¿El Banco Central tiene margen para evitar un salto del dólar?: el veredicto del economista Andrés Borenstein

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#france invokes its new #fdi screening mechanism to prevent a Canadian company from acquiring grocery retail giant #Carrefour, claiming #covid had demonstrated how this deal would hinder #natsec 🤔

Según una encuesta de @Poliarquia_ y @PxP_LAC el 89% de los argentinos está a favor de que se frene la deforestación 🪵🔥🌳
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Brexit reality is sinking in. Really great article by ⁦@tconnellyRTE⁩ 👇🏼

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