UAE/ISRAEL: Not the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning


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This week’s UAE-Israeli rapprochement creates more uncertainties than have been publicly acknowledged. It quickly stabilizes the Israeli government, while creating significant risks and opportunities for the UAE. The agreement that was announced with great fanfare is somewhat less than it has been advertised to be. It neither establishes ties between Israel and the UAE nor precludes Israeli annexation of the West Bank. Rather, it promises direct negotiations on the former and no immediate action on the latter. For Prime Minister Netanyahu, this diplomatic coup is also a political t
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LEBANON: Still stuck

( 5 mins read ) Lebanon’s governance crisis has continued, driven by traditional sectarian parties’ determination to retain control. The French-led effort to guide Lebanon’s politics toward reform remains the principal external driver of events, but internal dynamics continue to

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LEBANON: Concurrent crises and no solution in sight

( 5 mins read ) Press play to listen Lebanon’s economic crisis represents a long-anticipated reckoning. Widespread regional hostility to Iran, combined with a limited Iranian ability to help, constrains Lebanon’s choices still further. A messy political re-ordering is in

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MENA: Impact of Covid-19 shock

( 5 mins read ) Arabic  Press play to listen ● Middle Income countries in the Middle East will be rocked by the public health and economic consequences of the Covid-19 crisis. ● With modest testing capabilities, no ability to

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IRAN: COVID-19 might lower risk of brinkmanship

( 5 mins read ) Arabic  Press play to listen The COVID-9 is part of a “perfect storm” of challenges facing the government. Iran’s status as a CDC Level 3 country seriously compounds the country’s economic problems resulting from sanctions

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The second quarter of 2020 is the first quarter in a long time where the combined increase in the net foreign assets of the PBOC and the state banks came close to $100b -- a typical sum back in the days when China was actively resisting appreciation pressure

I, for one, find China’s current policies in Xinjiang deplorable, but this thread gets straight to the heart of how the discourse on Xinjiang is getting derailed and why many Chinese people who would otherwise support criticism on XJ feel alienated and even attacked on the topic.

Chengxin Pan@ChengxinPan

them, using all sorts of techniques and name-calling. Again there is nothing good faith about those kinds of behaviours. Research in good faith also entails comparing China's policy to similar policies in other countries: if these are concentration camps, then do please compare


- En julio continuó recuperándose (1.1% m/m), aunque a menor ritmo que en mayo y junio, y todavía se encuentra 11.6% debajo de febrero

- En términos interanuales, el indicador oficial se contrajo 13.2%

- En el acumulado la caída fue de 12.6%


Speaks to breakdowns of civic-mindedness, lack of central authority, subversion of institutions, and a whole bunch of other not-great things. Tax evasion is a wonderful proxy marker.

El Director de la consultora @Poliarquia_, Eduardo Fidanza explica los problemas que atraviesa la Argentina y dónde podría estar la recuperación de la iniciativa del gobierno.
@CanalNetAr @perfilcom

Para el turno mañana, va el link a La Economía en 3 minutos. Esta semana "La cuarentena desigual". El mercado de trabajo derretido y suba de desigualdad pasaron casi desaparcibidos en una semana caótica.

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