SOUTH AFRICA: Intense exit contestation and a faster reopening from 1 June

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● On Sunday evening, 24 May, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that, from 1 June, South Africa’s pandemic risk level would be reduced from the current 4 to 3. ● Although infection rates are still rising, Ramaphosa has made significant restart concessions in response to economic pressure mounting from all sides. ● Most economic activity will be allowed to ramp up (much more so than originally envisaged under “Level 3”), but corporate preparedness will come under increasing scrutiny as a result. Pandemic picture With 22,583 Covid-19 cases as of 24 May and comparativel
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SOUTH AFRICA: Lockdown Level 1 loading

( 4 mins read ) This evening, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that South Africa’s pandemic lockdown would be relaxed to “Level 1” from 20 September, fully reopening the economy as well as international borders for the first time since March.

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ETHIOPIA: Tigray – another battlefront for Abiy

( 5 mins read ) The regional authorities’ insistence on carrying out elections for Tigray’s State Council on 9 September risks a volatile standoff between the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) and the federal government. It will be almost impossible

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SOUTH AFRICA: Eskom – the high price of inaction

( 3 mins read ) Power utility Eskom’s “level 4” load-shedding on 2-3 September confirms pervious warnings about the record level of load-shedding that is threatening South Africa’s post-Covid-19 recovery. At the same time, ballooning debt problems will intensify pressure

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ZAMBIA: Lungu’s central bank heist?

( 5 mins read ) Arabic  Press play to listen It is difficult to view the badly timed removal of Bank of Zambia governor Denny Kalyalya as anything other than an assault against the central bank’s independence. A terse IMF

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SOUTH AFRICA: Lockdown “Level 2” loading

( 3 mins read ) An improvement in daily new Covid-19 cases and falling deaths for two consecutive weeks are expected to allow the government to ease lockdown restrictions to “Level 2.” President Cyril Ramaphosa could make an announcement to

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SOUTH AFRICA: Corrupt to the core?

( 5 mins read ) Press play to listen Together with increasingly incoherent pandemic management, corruption scandals threaten to weaken President Cyril Ramaphosa. They could cost the ANC at the ballot box in 2021, though few established opposition parties are

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A las 13 poné @amconvos1420, que arranca un nuevo capítulo de #Reverso, el otro lado de la Política, con Jorge Liotti y @dcayon. Hoy: #SuperCepo, la pelea Nación-Ciudad, entrevistas a @alfredocornejo y @kiguel y un par de sorpresas.

El nuevo súper cepo es una ¿solución? de muy corto plazo. Con este nivel de restricciones va a costar que la economía arranque cuando pase la crisis.
En lo inmediato: más brecha y las reservas siguieron cayendo. @mjaimovich

The volume of data that the world produces is doubling approximately every two years, rapidly outpacing the storage capabilities of current technologies.
Fast-maturing DNA data storage stands to solve these issues, and more.
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I haven’t seen the US government (or anyone) allege that TikTok is contributing to China’s military-civil fusion program. So I wonder what sort of basis there is for this novel claim.

Whether there is an early election in the next month or two seems like a good test of the LDP'S strength relative to Suga.

El militante alertando sobre las dificultades emocionales, riesgos y las penas que genera emigrar se parece a esa agencia de viajes de la película Truman Show, que tenía imágenes de naufragios y accidentes aéreos para que Truman no quiera irse.

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