JAPAN: Government prepares for next steps as new infections fall

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● The Abe government will likely decide to lift the state of emergency for the majority of Japan’s 47 prefectures on Thursday, 14 May. ● The administration, contending with prefectural governors who have offered their own plans for exiting from social distancing, plans to issue a national standard for lifting the state of emergency this week. ● The government is still strengthening its capacity to detect and address new clusters as they emerge and is preparing new stimulus measures before the Diet session ends next month. Despite concerns that Japan would see a spike in ca
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In "China's little Mecca," the town of Linxia, Gansu, every domed mosque has had its dome(s) removed.

All of these satellite images are from Linxia.

This is part of a government program that has hit cities across China.

ICYMI I've launched a new project to track and analyze how PM Suga is budgeting his time. https://observingjapan.com/the-prime-ministers-time/

@constant_hevia "Para vivir como el inglés y el francés… es necesario trabajar, producir como el inglés y el francés", decía Alberdi, "el que produce como un africano… no puede gastar como un europeo"https://www.lanacion.com.ar/opinion/alberdi-ya-nos-alertaba-sobre-el-populismo-nid2142304

Mañana, alter eco sobre economía de la salud mental, con bastante de lo que charlamos con @julianbustin en curso de rev senior, aportes de @sofiageyer y mucho mas.

I can now unveil what I suppose I can call a new "vertical" at my personal website: The Prime Minister's Time. https://observingjapan.com/the-prime-ministers-time/

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