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China and South Korea experienced an increase in new Covid-19 cases over the weekend. In Argentina, the negotiations between the government and bondholders will continue. The chaos surrounding Poland’s presidential election raises concerns about democratic legitimacy. In the UK, the PM will further explain the country’s exit strategy in parliament. Meanwhile, India’s PM and regional leaders will discuss the country’s exit strategy, the Italian government will announce a new economic aid decree, Brazil’s president could decide on the freezing of public servants’ salari
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4X Global Research's flagship Fixed Income Research & Macro Strategy (FIRMS) report is now available on RSRCXHchange, the research aggregator and marketplace platform, at http://www.rsrchx.com.

[email protected] writes on the "Suga group," a motley collection of upwards of 40 LDP members with fewer than 4 electoral victories, who don't belong to a faction, and aren't hereditary politicians. https://www.nikkei.com/article/DGXMZO63999820X10C20A9000000/?n_cid=NMAIL006_20200918_H

WAPOR Latam: La fecha de envio de artículos para el premio Edgardo Catterberg se ha extendido hasta viernes 25 de sept. Deberán enviarse a [email protected], ser inéditos, estar escritos en español, portugués o inglés, incluir un abstract e indicar la afiliación institucional

Martín Lousteau: “Nunca estuve tan preocupado por la Argentina como ahora, y eso que atravesamos muchas crisis” - Infobae https://www.infobae.com/politica/2020/09/17/martin-lousteau-nunca-estuve-tan-preocupado-por-la-argentina-como-ahora-y-eso-que-atravesamos-muchas-crisis/

- 10,3% de los argentinos es INDIGENTE
- 14% de los argentinos pasa HAMBRE
- 44,7% de los argentinos es POBRE
- 62,9% de los CHICOS argentinos es POBRE; es decir, cerca de 8,3 millones de chicos
Argentina, hoy.

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