SOUTH AFRICA: Pandemic response and consensus faltering

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● As South Africa concludes its first week of “Level 4” pandemic restrictions, the government’s poor handling of the limited restart and the continuation of seemingly irrational restrictions is fast eroding rare consensus around President Cyril Ramaphosa’s hitherto strong pandemic response. ● An emergency budget is unlikely to be presented before late June, while a request for IMF emergency funding does not appear to have been submitted yet. ● Calls for the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) to finance the budget deficit directly are little more than noise, though economists wil
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Mañana, alter eco sobre economía de la salud mental, con bastante de lo que charlamos con @julianbustin en curso de rev senior, aportes de @sofiageyer y mucho mas.

I can now unveil what I suppose I can call a new "vertical" at my personal website: The Prime Minister's Time.

Todavía hay un montón de gobernadores e intendentes que no se dieron cuenta que la estrategia de cerrar todo y cero contagios es mucho peor que las demás. Te obliga a seguir así hasta que se puedan vacunar todos y no asegura exito, con pico cuando la gente se cansa del encierro.

“A century after the ratification of the 19th Amendment, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s pioneering career as a scholar, advocate, and judge stands as a monument to the power of dissent,” Jill Lepore writes.

It's misleading to say that 2 billion masks were purchased by United Front link unless you believe all Chinese business & organisations are somehow part of the United Front.

This is yet another example of caricaturising diverse actors & behaviour with the UF magic buzzword.

Bloomberg Next China@next_china

China’s United Front was able to send 2 billion masks back to the country as other nations began realizing their own need for PPE via @BW

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