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Global Letter – Cold realities

Broader ramifications of COVID are set to come into sharper relief, not least in the UK.

Tough economic times coming

Commentary in today’s 24/7 news world tends to be intrinsically incremental.… Read the rest

UK/EU: Towards a “Merkron Moment”?

Despite the UK’s 15 October deadline for the future relationship talks, PM Boris Johnson’s government remains willing to negotiate with the EU beyond the 15-16 October European Council. Both sides have therefore treated their respective ultimatums in a similar fashion: the EU’s initial insistence that the UK withdraw (parts of) the contentious internal market bill by 30 September was effectively dropped given both sides’ continued interest in talks.… Read the rest

KOREAN PENINSULA: Pyongyang Parades New Weapons but Will Still Exercise Caution

North Korea, at a dawn parade on Saturday, 10 October celebrating the seventy-fifth anniversary of the founding of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), unveiled two new ballistic missiles, highlighting the extent to which Pyongyang has upgraded its arsenal despite the long-range ballistic missile testing freeze introduced after negotiations with the US began in 2018.… Read the rest

ITALY: New Restrictions, Usual Policy Lethargy

Earlier today (13 October), Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte issued a new decree imposing stricter anti-coronavirus restrictions, including bans on private parties and early closures for bars and restaurants. The new measures came after long negotiations with the regions, as some local governors opposed the new curbs.… Read the rest

ASIA: RCEP trade pact is not a game changer for regional balance of power

  • The new Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership trade pact will cover one third of global GDP but is less ambitious on reducing tariffs and non-tariff barriers than the Obama-era Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  • Despite perceptions of RCEP as a “China-led” trade deal, the agreement’s impact on the US-China power balance in Asia is modest.
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