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ITALY: Minority government next?

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte faces two key confidence votes in parliament this week as his political survival hangs by a few ballots. Following the exit of Matteo Renzi’s Italia Viva (IV) from the coalition, the PM informed President Sergio Mattarella of his intention to address Parliament and ask for a vote of confidence.Read the rest

ITALY: Conte likely to battle on

Abstentions (including from Italia Viva’s senators) in today’s crucial vote in the Senate will likely mean that Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte will secure enough support (157-158 votes) to stay in power.… Read the rest

CHINA: New virus outbreak threatens economic recovery and vaccine diplomacy

China is suffering its worst Covid-19 outbreak since July, prompting authorities to re-impose lockdowns in several regions and threatening to derail the recovery of consumer spending. Though authorities are likely to succeed in containing the latest outbreak, in a worst-case scenario, new lockdown measures and weak consumer sentiment could linger for months.… Read the rest