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UKRAINE: Adoption of banking bill crucial for cooperation with IMF

On Wednesday, 13 May, parliament is expected to adopt a bill significantly limiting the chances of former owners of nationalized banks from recovering their assets. The adoption of the law would be welcomed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), likely leading to an approval of a new support package for Ukraine in the near term.… Read the rest

UKRAINE: Questionable government reshuffle will further delay IMF deal

A major cabinet reshuffle just six months after its appointment showcases president Volodymyr Zelensky’s susceptibility to public opinion and internal power struggles within his administration. While the reshuffled government is expected to continue the reform agenda, it is unlikely to be more effective than the previous one.… Read the rest

UKRAINE: New clashes expose limited progress in conflict resolution

The most recent escalation in fighting in eastern Ukraine is a reminder that key agreements reached during the December Normandy Summit (including a ceasefire) have not been fully implemented. Considering that the Minsk II framework has not brought conflict resolution any closer during the past five years, calls for amending or replacing these agreements will strengthen.… Read the rest