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UK/EU: Deal or delay?

Speculation has been growing that a post-Brexit trade deal will be announced before or on 24 December. In true Brexit fashion, however, earlier expectations for an imminent presentation of a deal turned out to have been too optimistic.… Read the rest

UK/EU: Why in Brussels, arbitration must not be called arbitration

As the negotiations about a post-Brexit trade agreement continue, level playing field provisions and their enforcement remain the central stumbling block. However, the EU’s position has continued to shift away from earlier ideas of “dynamic alignment” and its upfront enforcement through independent regulatory authorities in the UK (akin to the European Commission).… Read the rest

EXCLUSIVE: Scottish Independence Polls

Smartphone Private Polls

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We will take you through the steps to better understand the interpretations of the results and (more importantly) the associated uncertainties.… Read the rest

UK: The electoral politics behind the fiscal debate

  • Ahead of the chancellor’s 25 November spending review, the UK’s future fiscal and economic trajectory is again in the spotlight.
  • The departure of Brexit mastermind Dominic Cummings from Downing Street has, in many quarters, fueled hopes for a quick return to the more benign (for businesses and urban middle classes) conservatism of the Cameron years.
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UK/EU: Headlines and deadlines

The unofficial 15 November deadline will pass this coming Sunday, but both sides continue their talks. At the same time, personnel changes in Downing Street have created headlines over recent hours.… Read the rest

UK/EU: Some form of deadline every week, until mid-November

After another week of future relationship talks in London and Brussels, 3 November emerges as the next iteration in the negotiations between the EU and the UK. By then, the question will be whether both sides have made enough progress in the talks so far to perhaps involve PM Boris Johnson and Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in a final attempt to clear the last hurdles, most importantly on fisheries and the issue of the level playing field/state aid.… Read the rest

Global Letter – Cold realities

Broader ramifications of COVID are set to come into sharper relief, not least in the UK.

Tough economic times coming

Commentary in today’s 24/7 news world tends to be intrinsically incremental.… Read the rest