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TURKEY: (Toothless) EU and US sanctions next

Due to a toxic mix of over-ambitious policy objectives, aggressive nationalism, and colossal policy miscalculations, Turkey is set to reach a rather peculiar, if not unique, record: becoming a country that has been officially sanctioned by Russia, the US, and the EU.… Read the rest

TURKEY: Mismanagement of Covid-19 spike set to worsen economic outlook

Two policy U-turns in less than a week signal the seriousness of the pandemic outbreak in Turkey. Facing a “perfect storm” as the country’s hospitals are overstretched, medical staff burned out and the contact tracing system overwhelmed, the government was left with no other option than introducing new restrictions.… Read the rest

Global Letter: Groundhog day in Turkey

Turkey has once again succumbed to some of its all too familiar failings.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

We at Llewellyn Consulting have long argued that some economies behave as if they are prisoners of their own history.… Read the rest

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TURKEY: It is about the pandemic not the East Med dispute

  • The trajectory of the Covid-19 pandemic constitutes a much more tangible and immediate risk for Turkey’s economy than the Greek-Turkish dispute in the Eastern Mediterranean.
  • The withdrawal of the Turkish seismic research vessel from the contested waters will allow Ankara to dodge possible EU sanctions.
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