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RUSSIA/US: Expanded Nord Stream 2 sanctions loom

The expansion of US sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 (NS2) pipeline could further push back the completion of the project. However, a potentially drawn out adoption process in the US would limit the effectiveness of the proposed measures.… Read the rest

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GERMANY/RUSSIA: Merkel’s statement triggers Nord Stream debate

Chancellor Angela Merkel has reacted with – by her standards – an outspoken statement to the latest news in the case of Alexei Navalny. Yesterday, medical specialists had concluded that the Russian opposition politician currently under treatment in Berlin’s Charité hospital, had been poisoned with the nerve agent Novichok.… Read the rest


As the Covid-19 curve gradually flattens, the Russian government is restarting preparations for the postponed Victory Day parade and the vote on constitutional amendments. Meanwhile, although Hungary is gearing up to end the government’s rule by decree, controversial appointment of a new Supreme Court president in Poland, and attempts to weaken civic groups and redistribute public funding to media in Slovenia are raising rule of law concerns.… Read the rest

Russia’s Growth: Walking with Hurdles

Rosstat recently published some data which looked both disappointing and encouraging. On the one hand, it reported that Russia’s GDP grew just 0.5% in 1Q19, which was well below all expectations.Read the rest

Economy: Making Russia Safe Again

The CBR can support consumer demand by gradually bringing its key rate closer to more comfortable levels, where the word “comfortable” means comfort not to the foreign buyers of the government bonds and not to local banks, but to local consumers and producers.Read the rest