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PHILIPPINES: Significant shift in energy policy

  • The government has removed foreign ownership restrictions on geothermal projects and stopped accepting applications for coal-fired power plants.
  • While the shift is nominally driven by environmental goals, corporate developments around the gas sector could be a key driver.
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PHILIPPINES: Duterte Posts 91% Approval Ratings – Not a Misprint

  • The president’s numbers are up across geographies and socio-economic groups, even among those hardest-hit by the economic contraction.
  • His approval ratings reflect public worries about the pandemic, which will likely cause his government to continue with its cautious and gradual approach to reopening the economy.
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PHILIPPINES/INDONESIA: The two that stand apart

Of the large Southeast Asian economies, the Philippines and Indonesia continue to grapple with the highest absolute number of new daily coronavirus diagnoses, and the trend is still unclear as to whether either country has reached a plateau.… Read the rest