Miguel A. Kiguel

Dr Miguel Kiguel is one of Argentina's most influential economists of this time and founder of Econviews. He is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Miguel A. Kiguel holds a degree in Economics from the University of Buenos Aires (1976) and a Ph. D. from Columbia University (1983).

He is currently Executive Director of Econviews. He teaches at Universidad Di Tella, and is an Academic Advisor at FIEL.

He was president of Banco Hipotecario S.A, Undersecretary of Finance and Chief Advisor to the Minister of the Economy of Argentina, Deputy General Manager for Economics and Finance at the Central Bank of Argentina, Principal Economist at the World Bank, and was an Associate at the Institute for International Economics in Washington DC.

He was Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland, 1983-87, and an adjunct Professor at Georgetown University and taught at CEMA University.

He has conducted research activities in different areas, such as inflation, and stabilization policies, exchange rate and monetary policy, and on financial markets. His books and academic papers on macroeconomics, inflation, monetary policy, and on financial markets have been published in the USA, Europe and in several Latin American countries.

Recently, he has published the book “Las crisis económicas argentinas: una historia de ajustes y desajustes” in collaboration with Sebastian Kiguel (Editorial Sudamericana).

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