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Emerging AI Chatbot Vendors Report, Q2 2023

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Executive Summary

The rapid emergence of generative AI and ChatGPT has intensified the need for enterprise business leaders to adopt AI-powered chatbots. These chatbots have the potential to enhance customer satisfaction, boost productivity, and drive sales growth.

This report aims to provide valuable insights into the evolving landscape of AI chatbot vendors, including their product trends and capabilities. We delve into the offerings of ten selected vendors—Cognigy, Gupshup, Hyro, Kore.ai, Laiye, PolyAI, Sobot, Spitch, Voiceflow, and Yellow.ai—and evaluate them. By conducting interviews and product trials, we showcase the emerging AI capabilities and advantages they can offer to enterprises as measured by how each vendor scored against a 10 point AI feature criteria.

When we refer to emerging vendors, we specifically mean companies that have secured venture funding within the past two years. As outlined in the appendix's methodology overview, these vendors typically offer promising capabilities that can potentially accelerate enterprises’ unique business objectives.

In addition to our emphasis on emerging vendors, our reports stand out by focusing exclusively on the products offered by these vendors. We highlight the strengths of their offerings and outline the benefits they bring to enterprise users. Whether you are in customer service, HR, IT, sales, or marketing, this report should serve as a valuable resource to understand the AI capabilities available through emerging chatbot vendors, assess the relative strengths of the ten vendors we profile, and identify the most suitable options based on your specific requirements.

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Emerging AI Chatbot Vendors Report, Q2 2023

An extensive review of 10 top AI chatbot vendors