Day: December 11, 2020


INDONESIA: Another cabinet minister falls to anti-corruption drive

  • The recent high-profile arrests of two cabinet ministers for corruption delivers several near-term benefits.
  • However, only time will tell if these developments reflect real institutional momentum or are more of a public relations effort.
  • The arrest of a minister from the president’s party, PDI-P reflects more on MegawatiSukarnopturi, its leader, rather than President Joko Widodo.
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Ten developments to watch for in 2021, and beyond

LlewellynConsulting’s Ten developments to watch for in 2021, and beyond details what we judge most likely to happen; and pays particular attention to detailing what we see as the main risks and uncertainties.

  1. There is growing recognition of the existential threat of climate change, but not all economies are set to cope well with the transition.
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ARGENTINA: Understanding CFK’s political aloofness

Vice-President Cristina Fernandez (CFK)’s latest open letter published on 9 December is another reminder that her over-riding objective is the pursuit of legal impunity for herself and her children. It also points to a political strategy akin to a “bad bank” scheme in which President Alberto Fernandez assumes all the risks of governing and bears the costs of a looming fiscal retrenchment, while CFK remains at arm’s length in a bid to preserve her political capital into the medium- to long-term.… Read the rest


TURKEY: (Toothless) EU and US sanctions next

Due to a toxic mix of over-ambitious policy objectives, aggressive nationalism, and colossal policy miscalculations, Turkey is set to reach a rather peculiar, if not unique, record: becoming a country that has been officially sanctioned by Russia, the US, and the EU.… Read the rest