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The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism

FT Chief Economics Commentator

An interview with Martin Wolf, Chief Economics Commentator at The Financial Times, on his recent book: The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism

Available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Crisis-Democratic-Capitalism-Martin-Wolf/dp/0735224218/

Short form (10 mins) version (0:00)

Introduction (10:05)

What is The Crisis of Democratic of Democratic Capitalism about? (10:16)

Motivations for writing the book (11:38)

What have you learned since writing your first book?(13:30)

How have your personal view changed since over the past couple of decades? (15:39)

Who have been your greatest influencers? (18:44)

Why is capitalism a fundamental pillar of democracy? (22:24)

Why advocate democracy when history shows it as the exception rather than the norm? (27:57)

How are rentier and crony capitalism different? (32:47)

What solutions do you propose in your book to safeguard democracy? (36:49)

How can our political systems be improved or reformed? (40:53)

Democracy vs Autocracy: Similarities, differences and problems (44:52)

Future work: Which areas would you like to explore further? (51:08)

What potential challenges does AI pose to democracies? (56:39)

How do you envisage AI will impact the new media industry? (1:01:19)

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