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Principled Spying

Former Head of GCHQ on ethical spying

Sir David Omand, former head of GCHQ and national security coordinator, discusses his latest book ‘Principled Spying: The Ethics of Secret Intelligence' (http://a.co/d/7JPbQxr​) and role of Artificial Intelligence in secret service.

Why the secret world needs an ethical framework (0:36​)

Can the UK Government spy on it's own citizens? (3:33​)

On Edward Snowden (6:48​)

Trump impact on UK/US (The 5 Eyes) intelligence coordination (8:50​)

UK legislation on spying (9:53​)

Transparency of the UK intelligence services (11:45​)

Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in intelligence work (19:08​)

On encryption technology (21:24​)

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