A Review of Financial Reform with Darrell Duffie


Darrell Duffie

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Prof Darrell Duffie of the Graduate School of Business (GSB) at Stanford University gives an overview of the impact of financial reforms post-2008 crisis.


  • Liquidity in corporate bond markets (0:05​)
  • Market structure versus technology and all-to-all bond trading platforms (2:53​)
  • Is liquidity/maturity transformation a cause for concern to regulators? (5:06​)
  • ETF and Mutual funds liquidity concerns (5:50​)
  • Counter-cyclical capital buffers to safeguard the banking system and provide liquidity during times of crisis (7:35)
  • The Supplementary Leverage Ratio (SLR) pitfalls (10:47​)
  • Alternative to SLR (12:48​)
  • Regulation impact on fixed income market liquidity (17:09​)
  • What happens to 100s of trillions of dollars in swaps referencing when LIBOR and EURIBOR disappear? (18:50)
  • Overview of the impact of post-2008 financial reform on the financial industry (24:31)​


Darrell Duffie

Brookings Institute Paper

Darrell Duffie