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SPAIN: A motion to divide the PP

Tomorrow, 22 October, the Congress of Deputies will vote down a motion of no confidence filed by far-right party VOX against the coalition government of the Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) and Unidas Podemos.… Read the rest

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SPAIN: Politics make a nationwide lockdown unlikely for now

Despite the ongoing surge in Covid-19 cases across the country, the Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE)-Unidas Podemos government is unlikely to re-impose a nationwide lockdown anytime soon. As previously explained, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez will continue letting the regions manage the pandemic, so that they assume the political costs of implementing unpopular measures.… Read the rest

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SPAIN: Podemos has nowhere to go

The controversy surrounding the exit of former King Juan Carlos I from the country last week has generated some tensions between the ruling Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) and Unidas Podemos. It is highly unlikely that the frictions between the two parties will lead to the demise of the government, however, given that Podemos would be obliterated in new elections.… Read the rest

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SPAIN: The politics of new outbreaks

The rising number of Covid-19 infections in recent days is highlighting the regional authorities’ challenges in tackling new outbreaks. However, the central government is unlikely to reimpose a nationwide lockdown anytime soon, given the existing economic pressures.… Read the rest

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SPAIN: Sanchez’s “strange bedfellows” approach

  • The government of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez will obtain a large majority in parliament on 3 June to approve the sixth and last 15-day extension of the state of emergency.
  • Absent a significant rebound in Covid-19 infections, the next signpost for the minority government will be the 2021 budget to be presented in September.
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EUROPE: The politics of exit strategies

This piece provides an updated overview of the lockdown exit strategies currently being implemented by selected European governments, and the surrounding politics. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss any of the countries mentioned in more detail.Read the rest