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POLAND: PiS moves toward challenging but inevitable coal phase-out

The Polish government appears committed to finally start the transition away from coal in the power sector. This will require difficult compromises with the country’s influential mining unions, and may trigger new protests and lower support for the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party in its electoral strongholds.… Read the rest

POLAND: Contentious vote pushes United Right coalition to the brink of collapse

A contentious vote on a bill regarding animal rights has triggered the deepest crisis of the United Right coalition government to date. However, since breaking the coalition agreement would leave the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) and its two junior coalition partners more vulnerable, a compromise rather than a collapse of the government is the most likely outcome of the ongoing row.… Read the rest

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POLAND: Parity ahead of crucial runoff on Sunday

  • Neither of the candidates holds a distinct advantage ahead the second round of the presidential election scheduled for Sunday, 12 July.
  • Incumbent Andrzej Duda’s victory would mean policy continuity policy, including a further erosion of democratic institutions, keeping tensions with the EU elevated.
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