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  • The world’s poorer nations are confronted by sharp recessions that threaten to endure.
  • Poverty and inequality are rising rapidly, reversing earlier global income convergence.
  • Public finances are coming under growing duress, and debt distress is mounting.
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Historically low inflation is a global phenomenon

It is not just confined to the advanced economies

Inflation in emerging market and developing economies

Historically low inflation is a global phenomenon 3

1.       Inflation fell to extraordinarily low levels in the emerging and developing (EMD) economies in the early stages of the pandemic, before staging a partial recovery.… Read the rest

Global Letter – Cold realities

Broader ramifications of COVID are set to come into sharper relief, not least in the UK.

Tough economic times coming

Commentary in today’s 24/7 news world tends to be intrinsically incremental.… Read the rest

Argentina: Too Little, Too Late


The Central Bank has changed the game. For the first time in a long time, it decided to devalue faster and timidly change the interest rate structure. It left the monetary policy rate at 38% but raised the reverse repo rate from 19 to 24%.… Read the rest

UK & Sterling facing potential quadruple whammy

Sterling has enjoyed a strong, if bumpy ride, since late-June. It has been the second strongest major currency against the US Dollar and appreciated 3.7% in NEER term, thanks in part to a build-up of speculative long-Sterling positions.Read the rest