Day: February 9, 2021


ARGENTINA: How vaccines, the economy, and elections fit together

The 2021 electoral process involves obligatory party primaries scheduled for 8 August followed by partial legislative mid-terms on 24 October. The mid-terms will not just determine governability in the second half of President Alberto Fernandez’s administration, but will also lay down markers for the 2023 presidential contest.… Read the rest

Emerging Markets

MACRO: Policy responses to Covid-19

Below is our weekly summary table on the health and economic policies that selected governments around the world are implementing to counter the fallout from Covid-19. The updated table includes information about each country’s vaccination strategy. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss any of the countries mentioned in more detail.… Read the rest


ITALY: Draghi’s coalition of strange bedfellows

Mario Draghi began earlier today, 9 February, the final round of talks with smaller parties on forming a new government, followed by separate meetings with key players including the Five Star Movement (M5S), the Democratic Party (PD), and the Lega. The former European Central Bank (ECB) president is also expected to meet with trade unions and business organizations before reporting back to President Sergio Mattarella.… Read the rest


GERMANY: Geopolitical electioneering does not equal strategic debate

Berlin’s (and Europe’s) positioning between Russia, China, and the new US administration has created an unusual amount of geopolitical debate in Germany at the beginning of this crucial election year.

While this partly reflects Germany’s increased role in global politics over the last 15 years, international issues still tend to play an ultimately limited role in domestic elections.… Read the rest