Political risk
Teneo is a global political risk advisory service providing timely, market-relevant and forward-looking counsel. We help business and finance leaders understand political events and their implications for corporations and financial markets – from a company’s local footprint to its global supply chain, and a country’s fiscal policy to its economic outlook. We identify political drivers that move markets and forecast outcomes and scenarios. In this way, Teneo helps clients to incorporate political futures into their business and investment strategies.

Rigorous research and analysis form the basis of our work. Our highly-skilled team of analysts are experienced political scientists with advanced degrees in political economy, international relations and neighboring disciplines. Having lived and worked in the regions they cover, our experts speak the relevant languages, continue to travel regularly and maintain a dense network of contacts on the ground.

Teneo works with the C-Suite of the world’s largest corporates and financial institutions. We provide strategic counsel across their full range of key business and investment objectives.

Teneo analysts and experts

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  • Aditi Phadnis
  • Andrius Tursa
  • Anne Frühauf
  • Antonio Barroso
  • Bob Herrera-Lim
  • Carsten Nickel
  • Gabriel Wildau
  • Jon B. Alterman
  • Luis Cornago
  • Malte Liewerscheidt
  • Mario Marconini
  • Nicholas Watson
  • Tobias Harris
  • Victor Cha
  • Wolfango Piccoli

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