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4X Global Research (4XGR) provides substantive research on G20 and Emerging Markets with particular focus on FX. Lead by Olivier Desbarres, a former sell-side senior economist with several years experience leading teams of publishing analysts at some top global investment banks.

We on investment themes where it can truly add value and does not try to be all research to all people. Its top-down, thematic approach, is grounded in both a detailed qualitative assessment of Emerging and G20 fixed income markets and economies and a rigorous quantitative analysis of data, trends, policy decisions and global events too often taken at face-value. 4X Global Research strongly believes that without hard data a report is merely an opinion and its unique charts are a key differentiator.

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Olivier Desbarres founder of 4X Global Research

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i can't wait for this US election to be over. We can then go back to talking about really interesting things which have not been pre-occupying our minds for months and years...such as Brexit

4X Global Research's flagship Fixed Income Research & Macro Strategy (FIRMS) report is now available on RSRCXHchange, the research aggregator and marketplace platform, at http://www.rsrchx.com.

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China’s V-Shaped Recovery Under the Microscope

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United Kingdom: Back to 1999…and to the Future


"Purchasing power is king and consumer confidence its queen…but opportunity to spend is knight in shining armour" [United Kingdom: Anatomy of Economy on Lockdown Life-Support, 18 June 2020]

UK retail sales May data out 07.00. Analysts expect rebond after ugly April numbers

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