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Roshun Patel on Bitcoin, Crypto Lending and Futures Trading

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Finance, Economics, FX, G7, Investment Strategies, Macro
  1. Cross-exchange arbitrage in crypto
  2. How lending works in bitcoin and crypto
  3. Futures and interest rates on bitcoin
  4. Dynamics of the May bitcoin correction
  5. Divergence between US and China trading
  6. On-chain features and smart contracts
  7. Yield farming
  8. Issues around Tether
  9. Types of investors in crypto
  10. Call over-writing strategies
  11. Books that influenced Roshun: The Beginning of Infinity (Deutsch), The Selfish Gene (Dawkins), Sapiens (Harari), The Sovereign Individual (Davidson), The Energy World Is Flat (Lacalle and Parrila), and The Three-Body Problem (Liu)

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June 18, 2021

Macro Hive

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