Credit ratings reports
MIS’ core business provides Credit Ratings that are publicly available serving the public debt capital markets. A Credit Rating is an opinion from MIS regarding the creditworthiness of an entity, a debt or financial obligation, debt security, preferred share or other financial instrument, issued using an established and defined ranking system of rating categories. MIS also offers several other products and services, such as private & limited distribution Credit Ratings. Lastly, MIS offers Other Permissible Service (OPS) products which are non-Credit Rating products such as fund ratings, quality and other assessments. The categorization and availability of the products may vary in different jurisdictions and depend on transaction specific details.

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Indian #NBFCs’ asset quality remains vulnerable with loan delinquencies set to rise at Indiabulls and IIFL Finance. Meanwhile, Muthoot’s improved asset quality and profitability in 1H fiscal 2021 sets it apart from the rest:

#SupremeCourt declines appeal from #PuertoRico #pension bondholders, signaling previous 13% recovery offer may now be a ceiling #muniland #bankruptcy

Recent positive news about the effectiveness of vaccines under development will do little to ease concern that the current rise in #coronavirus cases across US and Europe will dampen economic momentum in these regions this quarter and next. Our analysis:

Tune in to our upcoming 2021 Outlooks webinar on Wednesday, November 25th, and hear key insights from our analysts on what the next year has in store for the markets #MoodysOutlooks2021
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Total US non-financial corporate cash holdings up 30.1% at June 2020; top five cash holders remain Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon and Facebook #tech #technology

VIDEO: #COVID19 is accelerating many existing trends, including the move towards a tripolar world economy led by the US, China and the EU. This will re-design trade and supply chains, regulations, technology and the role of governments. Read the report:

China’s Belt and Road Initiative will become leaner and greener post-pandemic, as new investment flows slow and environmental projects take prominence. Read our new report for how #COVID19 will impact China’s grand endeavor: #MoodysChina

CHART OF THE WEEK: An emerging market growth bounce is likely next year, with G-20 EM real GDP growth of 6.1% expected for 2021 and 4.7% in 2022, following a contraction of 1.6% this year #MoodysEM Read more here:

Our #ESG Summit on Social Risks & Resilience is less than 2 weeks away! Register now for discussions on social risks and opportunities in a COVID-19 world, an outlook for “Building Back Better", social factors in credit analysis and much more. #MoodysESG

An uneven recovery from the coronavirus-driven economic downturn will hurt Australian structured finance performance in 2021. But the asset quality of new deals should be sound:

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