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MIS’ core business provides Credit Ratings that are publicly available serving the public debt capital markets. A Credit Rating is an opinion from MIS regarding the creditworthiness of an entity, a debt or financial obligation, debt security, preferred share or other financial instrument, issued using an established and defined ranking system of rating categories. MIS also offers several other products and services, such as private & limited distribution Credit Ratings. Lastly, MIS offers Other Permissible Service (OPS) products which are non-Credit Rating products such as fund ratings, quality and other assessments. The categorization and availability of the products may vary in different jurisdictions and depend on transaction specific details.

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Marina Cremonese, a Moody's Vice President - Senior Analyst says foreign asset managers seeking to branch out into the Chinese asset management market face a long road ahead. Read more in our report:

#California's strong revenue growth despite #coronavirus will help it maintain its reserves, and bodes well for other income tax-reliant states #COVID19 #muniland

US President Joe Biden has begun to act on his policy agenda with a series of executive orders that address several priorities for the US. Here's our analysis on the economic and policy implications that will affect credit conditions in several sectors:

The #Brexit trade deal avoids an even more negative no-deal scenario, but it largely lacks detail in areas vital to the UK economy, such as services, and it will leave the UK economy smaller than if the UK had stayed in the EU. Read more:

Tune in to our webinar on Thursday, January 28th and hear Moody’s take on the forces shaping Canadian credit markets this year. Register for the event here:
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CHART OF THE WEEK: Sectors most exposed to the #coronavirus crisis, such as oil & gas, retail, hotels, gaming and leisure, consumer products and automotive, are among those that will have the highest default rates over the next 12 months.
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The #KeystoneXL pipeline announcement does not materially impact our long-term credit view of the Province of #Alberta which faces a period of outsized deficits as a result of the dual impact of continued low oil prices and the coronavirus pandemic.

New #ESG Credit Impact and Issuer Profile Scores for sovereigns by @MoodysInvSvc covered in @Enviro_Finance
Read the report: #MoodysESG


News Round Up: ISS ESG, Moody's, Nordea, Jupiter and more

"Schlumberger’s fourth quarter 2020 results and positive guidance for 2021 confirm that recovery has taken hold in #oilfield services demand with margin expansion and free cash flow growth to come," says Moody´s Pete Speer

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