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MIS’ core business provides Credit Ratings that are publicly available serving the public debt capital markets. A Credit Rating is an opinion from MIS regarding the creditworthiness of an entity, a debt or financial obligation, debt security, preferred share or other financial instrument, issued using an established and defined ranking system of rating categories. MIS also offers several other products and services, such as private & limited distribution Credit Ratings. Lastly, MIS offers Other Permissible Service (OPS) products which are non-Credit Rating products such as fund ratings, quality and other assessments. The categorization and availability of the products may vary in different jurisdictions and depend on transaction specific details.

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Europe’s #pandemic-induced economic shock will increase the number of distressed companies with unsustainable capital structures or unviable businesses, posing risks to the region’s already-low long-term #productivity prospects

While #BritishColumbia's 2021-22 budget includes some of the largest contingencies among Canadian provinces, the extended fiscal recovery, which coincides with rising indebtedness, is negative. The magnitude of B.C.'s deficits also elevates credit risk.

How will the COVID-19 resurgence and slow #vaccine rollout affect the recovery of European #airlines? See our report for more:

The Spanish #banking system has become highly concentrated after years of mergers and downsizing, but low profitability amid ultra-low #interestrates suggest more consolidation lies ahead. See our report for more:

Environmental risks are growing for Chinese insurers as #ClimateChange worsens. Rising economic losses from natural disasters and decarbonization will affect earnings and capitalization if not properly managed. Read more: #MoodysESG #MoodysChina

Economic integration between #China, #Japan and #Korea will continue to deepen despite China's focus on reducing its dependence on foreign suppliers and developing its technology capabilities. Read Moody’s report for more: #MoodysChina

PODCAST: What’s driving M&A deals in the life insurance industry, and what does it mean for credit when the buyers are #PrivateEquity firms? Plus, risks after Archegos defaulted, and the cyber attack on insurer CNA. Listen here:
#HedgeFunds #Podcast

PODCAST: Laura Perez and Richard Barley discuss the rise in distressed companies with unsustainable capital structures or unviable businesses during the #pandemic and how this poses #productivity risks that are credit negative for all sectors. Listen:

List of lowest-rated companies declines for 10th straight month in Q1 2021. Learn more here: #levfin #highyield

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