Warut Promboon


  • Warut has over 25 years of credit ratings and research experience. His career path includes ING Bank, Standard Chartered, Societe Generale, Dagong credit rating, and AIG.

  • Warut has broad industry and geographical expertise, serving an extensive group of investors and regulatory clients. He is a regular speaker at fixed income conferences and HKUST.

  • He holds an MSc in Global Finance from New York University, USA, and an MBA from Hong Kong University of Kentucky (HKUST). Warut also holds a Fintech certificate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA).

Parkway Pantai: Good Brand with Limited Upside

( 19 mins read ) Summary Asset Class Credit Quality High yield Geography Singapore/ Malaysia Sector Healthcare Credit rating NR Report date 3-AUG-20 We initiate our coverage of Parkway Pantai Limited (Parkway Pantai), a wholly-owned subsidiary of IHH Healthcare Bhd

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Olam International: Cocoa Against COVID

( 27 mins read ) Summary Asset Class Credit Quality High yield Geography Singapore Sector Agricultural Credit rating NR Report date 4-June-2020 Executive Summary  We initiate our coverage of Olam International Limited (Olam), a leading global food and agri-business with

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NEPTUNE ORIENT LINES: Cost Control Confidence

( 12 mins read ) Executive Summary Summary Geography Singapore Sector Marine Credit rating NR/NR (Moody’s/S&P) Report date 23-June-20 Since our last report, the NOLSP complex (in SGD) has outperformed as COVID-19 situation improved in many countries as well as

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Dr. Peng Telecom & Media Group: On Ventilator

( 18 mins read ) Executive summary: Summary Geography China Sector Telecommunications Credit rating Caa1/WR (Moody’s/S&P) Report date 11-May-2020 Dr. Peng Telecom & Media Group Company Limited (Dr. Peng) is a guarantor of Dr. Peng Hong Kong Holding Limited, an

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China Evergrande shares tumble after stock sale falls short https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Markets/Property/China-Evergrande-shares-tumble-after-stock-sale-falls-short2


Asian Governance: Diversity & Incentives Through the Cultural Lens https://www.smartkarma.com/insights/asian-governance-diversity-incentives-through-the-cultural-lens?utm_campaign=insight%2Bsharing&utm_content=sharing%2Blink&utm_medium=direct%2Blink&utm_source=twitter via @smartkarma

LAOS PDR: Twin Deficit Dilemma https://www.smartkarma.com/insights/laos-pdr-twin-deficit-dilemma?utm_campaign=insight%2Bsharing&utm_content=sharing%2Blink&utm_medium=direct%2Blink&utm_source=twitter via @smartkarma

Jubilant Pharma: Good Drugs, Fully-Valued Bonds https://www.smartkarma.com/insights/jubilant-pharma-good-drugs-fully-valued-bonds?utm_campaign=insight%2Bsharing&utm_content=sharing%2Blink&utm_medium=direct%2Blink&utm_source=twitter via @smartkarma

Olam International: Cocoa Against COVID https://www.smartkarma.com/insights/olam-international-cocoa-against-covid?utm_campaign=insight%2Bsharing&utm_content=sharing%2Blink&utm_medium=direct%2Blink&utm_source=twitter via @smartkarma

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